Upon reservation of kid or adult goats,a 50.00 non-refundable deposit is
required. Full payment (cash) is required prior to transfer of goat. Buckler Horn
reserves the right to retain any reserved goat for any reason at anytime until
animal is paid in full and transfer is signed. If this is done payment will be
refunded. If buyer changes their mind or cannot pick up goat for whatever
reason, the deposit is not refundable and not banked to use toward another sale.

No goat will leave unless we feel they are in optimum health. We cannot
guarantee the health of a goat once the goat has been removed from our farm.

As is the animal industry, all expenses, including shipping, travel, crate, health
check up, health certificate, and any further treating (required by you or the
state you live in) are your ( buyers) financial responsibility.

We provide quality care for our goats and we reserve the right to turn down
anyone at anytime if we feel that the goat will not receive quality care.